DIY Fireplace and Mantel Remodel

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Today, I’m giving you the details about my DIY Fireplace and Mantel. Ever since I saw Shalia’s living room remodel, I knew that I wanted to add this project to my list! My master bedroom was the perfect spot for it. The entire project only cost $665.00!

The Fireplace Design

DIY Fireplace and Mantel

For our bedroom, I added a longer, skinner fireplace. We have 8″ ceilings. My initial concern was that the TV would be too close to the ceiling. Our TV is huge and Rob did not want to get a smaller one. That did not turn out to be an issue and I am very happy with the design. We decided to go with a very modern, clean look.


  • It is 11″ between the top of the fireplace and the bottom of the mantle.
  • The mantle is 7″ wide
  • There is 6″ between the top of the mantle and the bottom of the TV.
  • The fireplace insert is 12″ from the ground
  • We built the wall 12″ out from the existing wall.

DIY Fireplace Cost

Although this project was a little more labor-intensive, our hard work saved us so much money! The entire project only cost us $665.00! Rob is VERY frugal and will usually be the one pushing to do it ourselves to save money.

Cost Breakdown

  • $400.00 for the fireplace insert.
  • $265.00 for materials. This includes wood, mantle, and sheetrock.

Thinking Outside of The Box

DIY Fireplace and Mantel
DIY Fireplace and Mantel

Rob designed a custom box behind the television for all of our equipment to fit in. It was a perfect solution to hide all of the wires and gave it a really custom, clean look. We designed and built the mantle ourselves since we were limited to space. It makes our room seem so cozy.

I absolutely love decorating our room for the holidays and our new mantle looks so elegant. You can check out my favorite ways to decorate for Christmas, here! You can also read Shalia’s tips for decorating for kids in this post.

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