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A few days ago at the hair salon, I was asked, "So how does that thing work?". I realized that for an app that is so simple and beneficial, there is still a lot of confusion. I hope to explain what it's about because we honestly love it!

You have probably seen pictures tagged with a link or tag. We add the tag to most of our photos. Still, we get lots of comments asking us about where we purchased items. Some people tell us that they aren't able to get the app on their phone or that never works for them or that they don't want to get another email. However, with the new updated version, emails aren't necessary and the app is available for most phones.

How To Use

Since we love the benefits of the tool so much, let me explain in a nutshell how works:

First, there is a Reward Style app for influencers. Reward Style is the affiliate program behind With this app, we are able to upload a photo to post on Instagram and add all the sources from all the products seen in the photo. If an item in the photo is unavailable, we will link similar sources as options. The app then generates a link for us to add to our picture.

The link we add is a tracker. So, anyone who has the app, will have the ability to see where we purchased the items in the photo. All they have to do is like the picture or screen shot the picture. It's that simple!



Once you screen shot or like a photo, this is what it will look like to you:



Here is a continuation of the same picture with all the items that are shoppable:


Shop Your Screenshots!

Each item pictured is a clickable, buyable, direct source link. So, if you were to click on the picture of the buffalo check lumbar pillow, for example, you would be directed to the website where the pillow was purchased and can then buy if you choose! Genius!

I use this tool all the time and not only for home decor but also for fashion. If I see a cute outfit, I will snap a screen shot to find out were the pants are from.

Other questions about concern money. First of all, the app is totally free. For those of us gathering inspiration, it's like our own personal shopper, in a sense.

Another question people wonder about-- do we and other influencers make money off Yes. We earn a small commission if a person ends up buying items sourced through us.

We all benefit in some way. Users benefit by instantly knowing where products are from (personal shopper); brands benefit by having their products shared; influencers benefit by receiving commission and by saving time in not having to answer questions like, "Where did you buy that rug?"




Here are a couple more of our pictures with sourced items. In the first photo, the actual mirror shown is not available to link, so two other options are linked. In the bedroom photo, Sandi included her actual bed and night stands but gave options to similar rugs as well:


How To Use The App

Shop The Spoiled Home on Instagram

Of course we will continue to share sources here on our blog, but on Instagram, you can find sources on our page and so many other's by using the app. You can also follow your favorite influencers on the app so that all their photos with sourced items are easily accessible and you don't have to search through numerous pictures on their page for that one outfit you saw or that cute throw! If you don't have the app, and think you might want to try it, you can get it here: app 

It's no surprise the app has over 28,000 Five Star ratings! We hope you have a better understanding of and find it as useful as we do.


LikeToKnow.It Explained
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