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It all started with a Facebook ad. I rarely get on Facebook, but when I saw an ad pop up, and Hoda of the Today Show proclaiming her love for Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, I became intrigued. The ad said, “Say bye to frizz and hello to healthy, sleek color-treated hair…humidity-proofing for up to 3 shampoos!” I immediately ordered to try and mentioned it on Instagram Stories.  Our direct messages became flooded with people saying they used and loved the product as well. I began wondering what other great products were out there that our Insta Friends knew about that we didn’t. I decided to put the question in the form of a poll on Instagran Stories. I asked, “Something No one Knows About…What Amazing Product Do We Need to Share?”. Boy, did the answers come pouring in! Initially, I planned to link the items and put together on highlights, but with over 500+ responses,  I became overwhelmed!  Instead, I decided to share links to the first 20ish items you said you loved and then give you a typed up list of some of the other responses. You can check it all out here!.

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Here are some other items you listed as favorite things with unedited comments:

  1. Thieves Household cleaner replaced EVERY cleaner in our home! Simple  + Non-Toxic!
  2. The Laundress Crease Release  SO good, and smells amazing
  3. Miss Mouths Stain Remover
  4. Rica Bath and Body Butter. I use it for hair and body
  5. Virtue Hair Products. My hair has never been healthier
  6. Plumcots at Trader Joe’s
  7. Spurtles. Use every day
  8. Cranberry Seed Oil–Mix a few drops with your regular body lotion
  9. Cinema Secrets Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner on Amazon!! The BEST EVER!!
  10. Nectifirm by Revision is a GAME CHANGER! You’ll thank me! IT’S GOOD STUFF!
  11. Maui Burn to brown- MOST AMAZ aloe ever!!! Not sticky, smells great, & takes out sting!
  12. Liquid IV. It’s a rehydration multiplier. I honestly use it as a hangover cure. 🙂
  13. 505 hatch Chile in a jar!!
  14. Spongelle! Bodywash and Exfoliating bar in one. Great for traveling bc they have a travel size
  15. Sio Beauty patches. They really work.
  16. Wet it & Forget it
  17. OGX wet skin lavender body lotion; Target stopped selling the so I ordered 3 on Amazon
  18. Rough Rack Tool Racks
  19. Odor Ban. It gets stinky, nasty sweaty odors out of gym clothes, uniforms, socks, etc.
  20. “Maskcara” makeup-looooove it!
  21. Stansout beauty sponge, It’s soooo good
  22. The Back Buddy trigger point cane
  23. Downy wrinkle release
  24. Monistat chafing powder gel for the thick thighed girls of the world
  25. Better than tweezerman:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078S2DG7T
  26. Egyptian Magic!
  27. Yellow windex is the best one!
  28. Origins mushroom face toner
  29. Joico Body Shake! If you have fine hair this stuff will make you look like a rockstar!
  30. Mega babe thigh rescue. Necessity for no pants days
  31. Rapid Rope rope in a can
  32. Prid!
  33. Purederm Collagen Eye Zone Masks from Amazon! Under $4 for 60! I use them daily!
  34. Molly’s Suds laundry detergent! It whitens so well!
  35. Kenra Hair Spray (14 “working Spray”) hands down. THE. Best.
  36. Bar Keepers Friend. Cleans stains off everything! Especially hard stains- my sink and toilets.
  37. By Terry Rose lip balm
  38. Kristin Ess Air Dry Creme. Game Changer for curly haired gals!
  39. Grandma’s spot remover is awesome for stains
  40. Great Value Toasted coconut cashews #thankmelater
  41. Murphy’s Mosquito sticks! The only way to be outside in the evening during the summertime!
  42. A Butter Bell. Never spread cold butter again! Super old, and simple, but life changing.
  43. The drill brush! Not home decor or beauty related but makes cleaning easier and fun!
  44. No 7 Total Renew Microdermabrasion Exfoliator
  45. Charcoal bars for stinky rooms/cars! Splash goggles for Harlow
  46. Sugar free Italian sweet cream creamer
  47. Ambre blends…I get compliments every time I wear it.
  48. Oasis “Dust it”. It’s a texture powder that really amps up the volume for fine hair.
  49. Jergens wet skin body moisturizer.  Game changer!! Love the coconut one
  50. The Original Bee’s Wax Polish!! The stuff is beyond AMAZIN!!! www.beeswaxpolish.com
  51. L’Oreal eyelash primer in white tube
  52. The “Open It’ scissors/multi-purpose too!!
  53. Noodle and Boo Baby lotion.  i love this and do not have a baby
  54. Goo Gone
  55. “Sprayway” world’s best glass cleaner! Ammonia free and it’s streakless. I use it everyday!
  56. Not fun, but practical. Spartan mosquito eradicators
  57. The Clio Plum Beauty Eyelash Curler! Target carries it but I found at HomeGoods for $6
  58. Oribe thick dry finishing spray!! It’s amazing
  59. B.O.N. Skincare Nourishing Skin Oil
  60. Gold Bond healing lotion for dry skin! and the Gold Bond friction defense for chafing

See why I gave up on linking everything? Ha! I did not even get through half of what you guys sent in, but thank you thank you for sharing all your favorite things. We had over 500+ responses! If I did not list your item, I am sorry. It’s not because I liked someone else’s product better because I honestly know nothing about these items (Except for the Downy Wrinkle Release. I do use and love that!). I am not sure if items are spelled correctly because I typed the list exactly as was sent to us in Direct Message, and we all know that auto correct gets us sometimes. I hope you find a new product to try and love. I know there are items I will be checking out! Again, thank you for sharing your favorite things! You are all the best!



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