Randy’s Father’s Day Gift Guide-He said this is what guys want-meaning “him”

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Hello, friends!

Have you bought your Father's Day gift yet? Randy and Rob thought it would be a fabulous idea to put together their own Father's Day gift guides--really it's more or less a wish list of items they like, but let's be honest, it's hard to know what to buy! Randy is in a suit all week, so during his down time, he loves to play golf. His list consists of practical items he already owns and a few items for any guy who loves sports and travel.

So, if your man is a golf enthusiast or likes to travel, Randy's got you covered with his gift guide:

| Under Armor Speed Pocket 9" Running Shorts | The North Face Base Camp Duffel/Backpack | Men's Silicone Wedding Ring | Titleist Scott Cameron Putter | Travis Mathew Draft Crewneck T-Shirt | Tumi Lock Shielded Leather Wallet |
| Sauvage Eau Toilette | Nike Golf Heather Stripe Polo |

Randy hits the gym either first thing in the morning or during his lunch break, and these Under Armour running shorts with the pockets are his favorites! This North Face Duffel is the perfect travel size. The best part is that it also functions as a backpack! Randy buys gifts for others that he would want as well, and he recently bought this bag for our son Cale (you may have seen the Insta Story of him removing the security sensor that the store mistakenly left on). The Silicone Ring is actually my addition because I am not only buying my dad one, but I am also buying Randy one. My dad has built everything from an airplane to an RV to practically every house he has lived in. He does not wear his wedding band because he has nearly lost a finger too many times when the metal does not give. Now that he is retired and goes to the senior center to play pool, he says "the ladies hit on him." For crying out loud, I am putting a stop to that! He and my mom have been married for 59 amazing years, so the silicone ring will be his Father's Day gift. Randy, too, rarely wears his wedding band because he almost lost his finger in an accident and his knuckle is too large for his current wedding band to slip over. He asked for a silicone band, too. Both my sons-in-law wear them, and at less than $20, they make a nice ring for wearing to the lake or for going to the gym etc.

Randy believes his Scotty Cameron Golf Putter improves his golf game. When Randy and Rob played on a team in a tournament, the clubs didn't seem to help a whole lot, but I'm linking it anyway because he said that people who play golf NEED it. Randy has several Travis Mathew t-shirts. He really wanted me to link the "Dad Bod" one, too, so I did. For him. Okay, Randy carries this modern Tumi wallet with him everywhere and he is particular about his wallets. He has had to have his credit card replaced so many times because of skimmers at gas pumps, etc., so he knows a thing or two about how easily people can grab your credit card numbers. The great feature about this Tumi Wallet is its identity lock shield! Randy's favorite cologne is Dior's Sauvage! This Nike heather gray striped polo makes a great golf shirt.

I hope you find something for your guy on this Father's Day gift guide made up of items Randy loves or wants. You can shop any of the links above or scroll to the end of the post and shop the pictures that will take you directly to the product. Happy shopping!

To my dad--Thank you for teaching me about faith and family and love. Thank you for teaching me to do things the right way, first. Thank you for giving me a passion for running. Thank you for showing me how to roof a building and how to change the break shoes on my car (skills I have never used since, but thank you). Thank you for teaching me the right way to take care of things--even if it meant cleaning off every single water spot with vinegar on the boat each time it came off the lake. Thank you for teaching me about work ethic and about being a leader, not a follower. Thank you for teaching me that it doesn't matter how much you make, it's how much you save. Thank you, Dad, for being my hero.

To my husband Randy--Thank you for being a solid dude. The kids and I are so grateful for all you do for us. Out of all the husbands in the world, how did I get so lucky to get you?

Happy Father's Day, to 2 of the greatest men I've ever known, and to the 3rd-my father-in-law in heaven-thank you for raising a real man.

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  1. Lisa Lazar
    June 8, 2018 / 5:37 pm

    Oh my goodnesssss!!!! Those pictures are priceless! <3

    • Shalia
      June 9, 2018 / 11:17 am


      Thank you so much.


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