Rob’s Father’s Day gift guide – The affordable Father’s Day Act

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Here is Rob's Father's Day gift guide and if you watch our stories, you know Rob loves anything to do with the outdoors, whether it is camping, going to the lake or fishing. Rob picked out more items than you see here (you can see them all in our Father's Day gift guide tab on our blog), but I had him narrow it down to his top 6 must haves. If your husband or dad is an outdoorsman like Rob, he would love any of these items.

| IceMule Pro Large 20L Cooler | Benchmade 557 Mini-Griptilian Tanto Knife | Jetboil Flash Stove | Columbia Cotton Blend Crew Socks | IceMule Classic Medium 15L Cooler | Casio Digital Compass Twin Sensor Sport Watch |

Last year, Rob was finally fed up with our cooler that we carried to ball games and the lake. He said it wasn't practical and it was a pain; he didn't understand why they were so popular. So Rob went on the hunt for the perfect, practical cooler. He found IceMule coolers and was sold. Not only is the price point so good, but they are comfortable to carry, easy to put ice in (at hotels you can take your IceMule right up to the ice machine and fill the bag up with ice, no problem) and they float, making them perfect for the lake! We now own 3 of them, I even bought one just for myself.

Rob loves knives and has quite the collection. His favorite knife that he carries daily is the Benchmade knife. If your husband likes knives at all, he will know about Benchmades and you can't go wrong with this one  It's small enough to carry everyday and very well made. The kids and I always get him a new one to add to his collection for Father's Day.

Rob carries his Jetboil Stove everywhere with him. He works in the oil field and doesn't always have time to leave location to get a hot lunch. On those days, he pulls out his Jetboil, boils water in less than 60 seconds and makes himself a hot lunch by adding the water to his freeze dry meal. The Jetboil Stove is also perfect for camping and hiking.

As low maintenance as Rob seems and he is in a lot of ways, he is also very particular about certain things, socks being one of them. My parents bought him these Columbia crew socks for Christmas last year and he loved them so much that he went, bought more and got rid of all his other socks. He is all about comfort and Rob says these socks are so comfortable, the right thickness and fit good.

Lastly, Rob thinks every man needs the Casio Compass Twin Sensor Sports Watch if they do any type of outdoor activities and don't want to mess up their good "going to town" watch.  If you watched our stories, he talked about needing the compass if you ever get lost. Needing the light to be able to see at night and the temperature gauge to know what to wear.

I hope this was helpful and Rob would love to hear any feedback on what your dad or husband thought of  their gift if you bought them something from his gift guide!

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