Switching to Native All-Natural Deodorant…now for Teens!

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As I get older, I focus more on my health. I have always been active, but I never paid much attention to ingredients or even what I was putting into my body. About four years ago, I cut artificial sweeteners from my diet. Being a diet pop addict, I struggled in giving up what I thought my body craved. However, replacing the soda with water noticeably changed how I felt, so I began to look at other ways I could “do better.”

A year ago, I heard about Native deodorant when I was given a sample to try. To be honest, I wasn’t that excited about making a change. First of all, I didn’t love the sample scent (it was Lavender & Rose). Sandi loves this scent, as do so many people, but I, personally, do not like anything with a “rose” smell. I kept hearing more about the benefits of Native and finally decided to order my own online. Native offers free shipping and free returns, and I received my new scent within two days: Coconut & Vanilla. You can read more about how I made the switch to Native in my earlier blog post: Au Naturel…My Favorite Natural Beauty Product!

Native’s #1 selling deodorant now has a teen line! With wholesome ingredients, no parabens and no aluminum, it’s the best deodorant choice for teens.

As a mom, I am beyond thrilled that Native RECENTLY RELEASED their teen line. Of course, we moms want what’s best for our kids, but I worried that the deodorant would not be as effective for my son who actively plays multiple sports. I mean, he sweats a lot! Still, I knew that making the switch to Native would be best for him. I bought Cale the body wash and the deodorant and let him give them a try.

I bought him two scents in the deodorant: Make Like a Tree and Vitamin Sea.  Of the two scents, Cale said that he prefers Vitamin Sea because it “better suits him.” I also bought him the Cucumber Mint body wash because Cale loves anything “minty.” Since my body had to detox before Native worked for me, I warned Cale that his body might do the same. Surprisingly, his body did not have to go through any kind of adjustment period!

I am so happy that Cale loves Native! After finishing basketball season, he transitioned right into his senior year of track with Native as his go-to deodorant and body wash. As a mom, I feel good knowing that Native products are made with wholesome ingredients you can understand.

Sandi loves Native body care products, too.  Her daughter Libby put the new toothpaste to the test.  I will let Sandi tell you about that.

Libby has always been my child who I can count on to test anything (aka guinea pig) and give me her HONEST review. Like Cale, my kids did not have an issue switching deodorant either. So when I saw that Native came out with a new toothpaste I wanted to try it…or I should say, I wanted Libby to try it and let me know what she thought before I made the switch.

After her FIRST use, she came running into the living room, showing me her teeth and how much cleaner/whiter they looked! What I forgot to tell you is that Libby is very particular about her teeth and wants them to look as good as possible. As soon as I saw the difference in her teeth, I told her to give me back my toothpaste!

I officially have my kids using all of Native’s body care products, including the toothpaste, and I’m happy they made the switch.

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  1. Christine
    May 29, 2019 / 6:29 pm

    They have it in CA at Target, so maybe it is expanding soon.

    • Shalia
      June 2, 2019 / 11:50 am

      We sure hope so!

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